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Frequently Asked Questions

  • General Information
    • All custom orders require a 30% deposit payable upon order placement.
    • We accept payment in the form of company cheques, money orders, bank transfers (EFT) and cash.
    • Muscrat Custom ships interstate via registered courier only.
    • If you have a question that is not answered in the F.A.Q. section or elsewhere in our web site please feel free to contact Muscrat Custom.
  • Warranty Statement

    All Muscrat Custom semi automatic pistols and revolvers are built on STI International and Smith & Wesson platforms respectively and only utilize other purchased parts from reputable manufacturers. Muscrat Custom unconditionally warranties its products for their intended purpose but expressly disclaims abuse and normal wear or damage caused through the use of hand loaded ammunition.
    Returns must have authorization - no exceptions.

  • Will you perform work on my gun built by another custom gun builder?

    Yes, on a case-by-case basis however, no liability or warranty is implied or offered when working on custom guns built by other gunsmiths. Muscrat Custom will endeavour to correct or fix any problems experienced with the pistol after an assessment of the pistol requiring repair/modification has been made, Muscrat Custom reserves the right to refuse any repair or modification.

  • What pistols will you work on?

    All major makes of 1911 popular in Australia including but not limited to: Kimber, Springfield Armory, Colt, STI International, SPS and SVI. Smith & Wesson revolvers all models.

  • How long would I expect to wait for a custom handgun?

    Times will vary according to orders to date however 6 months as a general rule for all configurations of full custom pistols be they semi-automatic or revolver. Major modifications including barrel fitting allow 4 weeks from the time of pistol receipt.

  • How much can I expect to pay for a full custom pistol?

    This depends of the type of gun required, the discipline of pistol shooting event(s) being undertaken and what parts and features are required by the individual. All Muscrat Custom custom guns are collaborated on with the customer and a quotation given prior to works commencement.

  • Is a deposit required on a custom gun, if so, how much is required?

    Yes, 30% deposit is required at time of order placement.

  • Do you have a product assurity on full custom guns?

    Provided that no other work has been performed on the pistol or any modifications made by others - if any Muscrat Custom, custom built gun fails to meet the design brief at the time of order placement, a full refund will be given to the customer. Conditions: This product satisfaction assurity is valid for the original purchaser only and is valid for 30 days from date of collection from Muscrat Custom. No liability is assumed or implied when hand loaded ammunition is used in any Muscrat Custom built custom gun.

  • Can I use factory ammunition with my STI factory built pistol?

    Yes all STI pistols are designed to use factory ammunition.

  • Is it true you don't hard chrome your pistols?

    No, Muscrat Custom built pistols can be provided in two finishes, black (blued) or hard chromed or a combination of both i.e. DuoTone. The black (blued) finish is performed in house by Muscrat Custom with hard chrome finishes being out sourced to specialist electroplaters.

  • Why does the slide stop stay on an empty magazine?

    Unless otherwise requested by the customer, all Muscrat Custom slide stops are designed to stay closed when the last round is fired. This is a feature required by my more experienced competitive shooting clients and ensures that the slide stop cannot involuntarily engage at any time under firing.

  • Does a full-length guide rod improve accuracy?

    Full-length guide rods are designed to improve cycling and to keep the recoil spring from binding. Although, increasing accuracy is not the intention of the full-length guide rod, improved reliability and in the case of the tungsten version reduced recoil through more weight at the front of the pistol is achieved.

  • I'm new to sport pistol shooting and confused at what to buy for my first pistol! I heard your guns are better suited to more experienced shooters?

    No, Muscrat Custom guns are customised uniquely to the individuals own needs and have enhanced features not normally offered in Factory guns. Novice shooters can be steered in the right direction in achieving a successful formula and as the individual skill level increases the performance of your equipment will never become an issue.